Photo: Sacramento Kings/Twitter

Here’s a few quotes from new Sacramento Kings guard Chris Duarte on getting the opportunity to play with Domantas Sabonis once again (traded by the Indiana Pacers in early July).

(via Jason Anderson/The Sacramento Bee): 

Praises Sabonis for helping him during their days as Indiana Pacers:

“Domas took me under his wing since Day 1 when I got to Indiana,” Duarte said. “He just walked me through, ‘Hey, CD, this is what it’s like to be in the NBA. Make sure you do this. Make sure you do that.’ So, I really appreciate him. Great dude. Great person. I met his family. I could sit here and talk about him for hours. We have a good relationship.”

Discusses how they fit together:

“We just have a good chemistry, a good connection,” Duarte said. “We both speak Spanish, so that always helps. We have a good connection on the court. I just know how to play with him.”