Aris is very close to finalising the deal with youngster Nikos Diplaros who this summer reached the top of Europe with U18 Greek team. However his case is quite a strange one since there is a lot of backstory going on.

The 18-year old playmaker had a great tournament in Volos being one of the top players of the European Championship, and A.E.K. wasted no time in getting the player from Esperos Patron where he belonged in first place. Unluckily he stated that he sees A.E.K. is his step towards moving to bigger clubs like Olympiacos or Panthinaikos. This unfortunate decision enraged AEK fans and board and soon after he was set free from the club as it was believed his stament was disrespectful for the history and the goals of the team.

The Greek player wasted a great chance of securing a 5-year deal with the Athenian side, and after these events he released an apologetic letter towards his ex-team and their fans. Among others he wrote:

“I will return the money the team gave me in advance because it was my own fault and none other’s. I am still young and i will learn from this mistake. I did not work for these money and i don’t deserve them.” He also added “It would be very easy for me to blame the journalist and try to prove my statement never happened but the principals i got from my family taught me to understand my mistakes. I ask AEK to forgive me for my mistaken move, now that our partnership has ended. Finally i want to say sorry to the basketball fans since shortly after our big success with the Greek National team, i am at the spotlight again but for all the wrong reasons.”

Diplaros is now forced to prove he has learned from his foul move and work hard for Aris who believe in his skills, and regain the spot among the hottest talents in Europe.