Photo: Charlotte Hornets/Twitter

LaMelo Ball has officially signed a max extension with the Hornets. The team posted a video of the 21-year-old point guard signing the contract.

During the process Charlotte’s general manager Mitch Kupchak asked Ball “Which one you gonna get?” referring to his goals for next season. Likely, there are bonuses in the contract for achieving certain goals.

“Shoot for [NBA] first team for sure,” LaMelo responded.

“How about MVP?” Kupchak followed up.

“Shoot for that too,” Ball replied. “Shooting for them all. Main thing winning though. If you do winning, that’s what you need to shoot for.”

Last season, which was Ball’s third in the NBA, he averaged career-high 23.3 points, 6.4 rebouns and 8.4 assists in 35.2 minutes per game.