Photo: Phoenix Suns

New Phoenix Suns head coach Frank Vogel is determined to pull up Deandre Ayton’s status at an All-Star level.

As he was officially introduced as the franchise’s newest top coach on Tuesday, Vogel expressed his optimism that Ayton will develop under his own vision in becoming one of the best centers and rim protectors in the league.

“I think he can be one of the best centers in the league. … There are still areas that he can grow offensively, but I’m intent on really connecting with him and restoring him to an All-Star level player.”

Despite showing promise as a still relatively young big man, Ayton, who averaged 18 points and 10 boards this season, remained prone to criticism due to his lack of effort and consistent play.

Already owning a rich experience of being with some of the towering interior defenders in the game like Anthony Davis and Roy Hibbert, Vogel is positive about what he can work on with Ayton as they look to usher in a new era in Phoenix.