Arguably the biggest star of this year’s NBA Finals is Nikola Jokic who poses a huge challenge for the opposing defence trying to contain him.

Kevin Love, who is seeking his second NBA championship with the Heat, was asked about the Serbian superstar in the series that starts tonight.

“He’s going to go down as one of the greatest big man to ever play the game,” Love said about Jokic. “He just continues to impress and just beyond the statistical output that he has, the impact that he has on the game, how he does it and how he operates and what we’ve seen in a lot of ways is unprecedented.

“He’s not a guy that you’re going to stop. You just have to hope to slow him down, contain him, make things really tough for him. But again, he’s extremely smart, manipulates the game and I mean that like basketball IQ sense – can get anything done in the how he wants to do it, where he wants to go. So that’s going to be a full team effort to try and just slow down what he’s capable of doing. But again, easier said than done.”