Dillon Brooks chose LeBron James as his target in the first round series between the Grizzlies and Lakers. The Memphis forward has been trash talking the superstar during games and making comments about him during press conferences.

The two players exchanged words before Game 3 in Los Angeles. It carried over to the game culminating with Brooks getting ejected for hitting James in the groin.

LeBron, who is usually getting respect from his opponents, was asked after the game if the disrespect that Brooks is showing towards him has any effect.

“Not, at the end of the day I think my resume and what I’ve done for this league speak for itself,” the four-time NBA champion said. “I don’t really get caught up in any comments like that.

“And like I continue to say, at the end of the day my focus is to my teammates and us trying to figure out a way how we can beat the Memphis Grizzlies, not on how I can beat an individual on their team. If anybody know me, they should know best what I’ve been always about. That’s all that matters.”