Photo: bronny/IG

Bronny James, the oldest of Lakers superstar LeBron James, is yet to officially decide on his future for the next season.

It will be the year before he gets drafted by an NBA. Currently, Bronny is projected to be a top ten draft pick.

In addition to going to college, the 18-year-old guard has other options such as going to the G League or playing overseas with Australian NBL openly inviting him.

Suns superstar Kevin Durant says he would love to see Bronny play for a college before coming to the NBA.

“There’s still some amazing talent in college right now. With so many different routes the OTE’s, going overseas, guys going Australia. All that stuff is cool,” KD said on Boardroom. “But still going to college I feel like that’s a great route because it’s still on the big stage, you still got to show who you are on that big stage and the tournament is still a huge thing.”

“I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route. … Yeah, disappearing, basically. That’s really what it is. I wanna see Bronny hoop, I wanna be in real time, seeing what he’s doing and follow his journey. Yeah, when you go to OTE and Ignite and you just go away for a year.

“[USC] is what my guess was … What is it? USC, Oregon and Duke? It’s going to obviously be easy for Bron to catch the games if he’s at USC.”