Photo: Memphis Grizzlies/Twitter

Ja Morant’s newest controversy can’t be more perfect for Gilbert Arenas to dish out another highly questionable take.

Contrasting the notion of the majority on Morant’s action, wherein the All-Star guard flashed a gun in his last Instagram live, the ex-NBA cager has some other thoughts for the incident as he referred to the embattled Memphis Grizzlies cornerstone via his Gil’s Arena podcast.

“When we young, we do stupid sh*t… I’m the owner? … I’m gonna do what every owner does: pretend I don’t see it. Just grow up a little bit faster… You got to put Ja around somebody who’s been the same way and actually got out of it safely.”

While his other past comments are also truly contentious in nature, Arenas was no doubt a notorious one of his own in his professional career. 

Though he was highly talented and one of the best scorers in the NBA during his time, Arenas drew public scrutiny in the past after he admitted to storing unloaded firearms in his locker room as a former member of the Washington Wizards.

This led the NBA and the D.C. authorities to launch an investigation, wherein the ex-star point guard was eventually slapped with a lengthy playing suspension and criminal conviction. 

Morant already expressed his apology following the outcry of the fans within NBA circles regarding his delusional action. The Grizzlies franchise handed him a suspension for at least two games, while the league is now making an investigation to determine their separate sanction.