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Ex police offer and famous YouTuber Brandon Tatum slammed Steph Curry for opposing low income housing in his neighborhood.

The ‘woke’ NBA superstar along with his wife Ayesha sent a letter to the city of Atherton, California in opposition to a proposed construction of a low-income multifamily unit next to his $30 million mansion.

“Major concerns” for his “privacy” and “safety” were named as reasons behind the opposition of constructing affordable housing. In addition the Curry’s petitioned for a fence to be built to protect them in case the construction goes ahead.

According to Tatum, while Curry’s concerns are understandable, it is very hypocritical of him to do that. “You should not want them to add low-income housing in an area where there’s $30 million mansions. But the hypocrisy though. The hypocrisy,” Tatum said. “The only reason I’m talking about this is because these people are hypocrites.

“They’re the first ones to come out and say ‘We need immigration. Donald Trump hates Mexicans’ and all it’s so crazy stuff. But then, why don’t you let people live in your house? People that may be low income, people without education live around your house.

“Because you understand that the property value will go down, crime will go up and you don’t have safety and privacy. It’s similar to what families are dealing with who are living in these border towns.

“They are unsafe, cartel members, gang member, MS-13, lawless individuals are living in their community and people like Stephen Curry, I believe, would shun people like that for even having a nerve to say something like that. But look at what they’re doing.”