Photo: David Dow/Getty Images

Here’s Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr responding to being asked if Sunday’s road matchup vs. the Toronto Raptors was a must win game (won 126-110).

(via Golden State Warriors):

“I don’t like the term ‘must win’ until you have 3 losses in a playoff series, that’s what a ‘must win’ is. Where we are right now, we’re climbing out of an early season struggle. We’ve gotten better over recent weeks, we just haven’t been able to capitalize on the road, but tonight was a great effort. I really like this team. I think we have a chance to be really good. The fact that we’re having to climb out of the hole and find ourselves, figure out our identity, guys are having to find roles, that’s actually really rewarding. Sometimes these are the best kind of seasons where you gotta figure it out collectively. The guys have such a great attitude, such a great approach, and they’re fighting. It’s nice to be rewarded.”