Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

After starting the season on a high note, the Phoenix Suns have suddenly eroded down the Western Conference ladder. They are currently sliding down with a five-game losing skid and finding struggles to get over the hump.

For Deandre Ayton, the Suns only need to improve their connection most especially on defense, with teams approaching them with much better urgency and eagerness to win the game.

“We could say a lot. But really man, we just gotta approach these games knowing that teams are coming to knock our head off our body, bro,” Ayton said following the Suns’ recent defeat against the Houston Rockets, per The Athletic’s Kelly Iko. “Defensive-wise, I just think we need to communicate more and play hard. We just gotta be more connected. 

“The teams we see on film aren’t the teams we play – they’re playing harder and with a chip on their shoulder against us.”

Their ongoing struggle could perhaps be directed to injuries. Cam Johnson remains sidelined due to his meniscus recovery, with All-Star guard Devin Booker joining him with his hamstring still ailing.

The Suns will look to end their current dry spell as they face the L.A. Clippers on Thursday.