DeMarcus Cousins isn’t convinced that Chris Paul has his place in the top five players within the point guard position.

Joining Buckets’ Outta Pocket podcast, the current free-agent big man started the hot conversation and shared his own thoughts on why he believes Paul doesn’t truly belong on the list amid his inclusion based on the viewpoint of the majority.

“Every time I hear a top five PG list, Chris Paul is in it and I’m not really understanding why,” Cousins said. “No knock to CP, but strictly from an accolade and performance standpoint, I don’t think Chris Paul is top five.”

Meanwhile, Cousins went on to mention Steve Nash, John Stockton, and Russell Westbrook as players who are higher on his list than the current Phoenix Suns star.

“We gotta bring up Steve Nash,” Cousins said. “We gotta bring up John Stockton. Then we gotta bring in Westbrook. … I mean he’s a MVP.”

For nearly 20 years, Paul established himself as one of the finest and most ruthless floor generals in the game. As an undisputed all-time great, he navigated the ball with such purity and helped elevate his team’s performance for then-New Orleans Hornets, L.A. Clippers, Houston Rockets, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Though he had relative success from the individual standpoint, he still remains ringless and seeking that elusive title. This makes his classification difficult to place given his lack of team accolades.

Cousins’ opinion might draw plenty of irk given his long history of the feud with Paul, but it has to be noted that all debate and listing will always remain subjective given that players have played in different eras, conditions, and rules of the association.