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Klay Thompson believes Dubs need ‘five or more’ titles to become a dynasty

Photo: Golden State Warriors/Twitter

Despite the fact that they already occupied a special place atop the NBA’s pantheon of greats, Klay Thompson remains convinced that he and the Golden State Warriors still have more ways to go to fully cement their all-time status.

Thompson sat down with ESPN’s Malika Andrews and noted that the Dubs need to win “five or more championships” in order to carve themselves as a legitimate dynasty in NBA history.

“I want to be remembered as a winner. I actually taped up a news article, it was of players who won five or more championships. That list is so short. To even have a chance to get that is incredible, but if we were to get there I think that would really cement us as a dynasty of the ages.”

While their golden run in the last decade was one for the ages wherein they won three titles in five-straight NBA Finals appearances, the ultimate storyline of the Warriors’ epic exploits was coming from last season. The franchise suddenly emerged from the depths of the association and revived its contending status en route to its fourth championship in the last eight years.

But as they entered this season, circumstances have appeared on their part amid high hopes and confidence as the defending champs. They are currently filling a 13-13 record and are yet to find that needed groove to finally rise upward the competitive ladder of the Western Conference.

This year’s campaign could be that perfect opportunity to fulfill that ultimate dream for Thompson and Golden State, but it’s only a matter of time as the season continues to make progress. At the end of the day, keeping their legendary core intact will absolutely assure that they have a clear shot in the next few seasons to come.