Luka Doncic

The Dallas Mavericks beat the New York Knicks by making 24 of 61 threes behind Tim Hardaway Jr and Luka Doncic’s great play on Saturday. Jaden Hardy hit his first bucket in the NBA, Spencer Dinwiddie was great, and Josh Green continues to do the little things.

How did the Mavs beat Jalen Brunson’s Knicks? Locked On Mavericks’ Nick Angstadt is back to break down the Mavs win, how Dallas threes were by design, and how THJ has played over the last 3 games.

Why did the Mavs struggle out of the gate? Was the 3rd Quarter the best quarter Dallas has played this year? Who stood out?

  • 0:00 Mavs 3Ps vs Knicks
  • 7:10 Jason Kidd’s THJ Gamble
  • 9:50 Mavs Defensive Connection
  • 15:50 HARDY PARTY 🎉
  • 18:37 Josh Green, Spencer Dinwiddie, & More