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It is safe to say that making it in the professional sport in the US is only for the best of the best. There are so many children who dream of a professional sports career, but their dreams usually die after high school. Those who succeed are usually good only at one sport. Of course, there were examples in history that showed us that athletes can be successful at two different sports. Names like Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Deion Sanders are some examples. But, those people played in the MLB and NBA. But, what about players who played in the NBA and then signed a contract with an NFL club? There are only three examples of that happening in history. The first two happened back in the mid-1940s and early 1950s when two men called Otto Graham and Bud Grant achieved that. The NFL predictions of something like that happening again were not promising, but a boy named Mark Vital has done it. Today, we are going to tell you his story.

The Early Career Of Mark Vital

Mark grew up in Louisiana and he showed his talents in the early childhood days. He was one of his generation’s best high school basketball players. This got him a contract at Baylor University. He was one of the best players when Baylor won the 2021 NCAA Championship. After that, Vital declared for the NBA Draft.

The Journey To The NFL

Unfortunately for Mark, he went undrafted on the NBA draft and he signed for the Blazer Summer League team. He played only three games and did not do much on the court. He saw that he had no future in the NBA and decided to try something professional athletes usually do not try. He changed the sport. He started practicing football again. Something he did not do since he was 13. He saw he was good at it and he managed to sign for the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad back in 2021. He then signed a reserve/future contract with the Chiefs on February 2, 2022.

Can He Make It In The NFL?

This is a question many experts are asking today. If you search the best nfl prediction sites and NFL predictions this week, you will not find a betting option for this simply because it does not happen often. When we consider that only two players in history managed to succeed in both leagues, chances are that things will be tough for Mark Vital. But, as some of the NBA coaches said back in the day, he has the built for NFL. He is definitely a talented guy and he is also rather young. If he does it, he will be the third man to play in both NBA and NFL.

One thing is for sure, people want him to succeed.