Andrew Wiggins had a career-changing 2021-22 season with the Golden State Warriors, and the absolute cherry on top of this accomplishment is the fact that he finally added an NBA championship in his basketball résumé.

Right before their season opener against the Los Angeles Lakers, Wiggins and the co. have picked up first their title rings in a glorious fashion. It serves as an unforgettable event for the star wingman, considering the ups and downs he went through to reach that moment.

As he finally claimed what he owns from the accumulation of his development and rise to stardom last basketball year, Wiggins is setting up for more jewelries to come.

“(Ring ceremony) felt amazing,” Wiggins said. “Need to add some more. That’s the goal.”

The 27-year-old All-star managed to start off this goal by helping the Warriors to draw their first win of the season. He registered 20 points in 8/14 shooting to go along with six rebounds and four assists in 29 minutes of play to contribute to the team’s 123-109 victory over the visiting LeBron James and the Lakers.

Wiggins further stated his thought process prior to the special evening, wherein he admitted that he was “excited all day.”

“It was amazing. I was excited all day, it was hard to sleep last night. Thinking about today, I had all my family here to enjoy the moment with me. So it’s a dream come true.”

Now up 1-0 in standings, Wiggins and the Warriors will try to get into the winning streak column as they face the Denver Nuggets on Friday.