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Poland will join Cyprus, Finland and Latvia as co-hosts of EuroBasket 2025.

Poland was announced earlier today as the fourth and final host, largely down one of the countries applying being Ukraine. Russia’s bid was cancelled on February 22.

Hungary also tried to organize the tournament.

It is unclear which venue in Poland – who last hosted EuroBasket in 2009 – will be used. However, it is understood that Arena Riga in Latvia will stage the final rounds of the tournament.

Riga joins Limassol and Helsinki as host cities.

All hosts automatically get a chance to appear in the final tournament, but with the current system, they are taking part in the qualifiers anyway. This means that their results are included in the table and may affect the situation of other teams. 

Due to the failure in the first qualifying round of the World Cup, which ended in July, Poland began the qualifying rounds of the 2025 EuroBasket.

To add, they lost the first game to Croatia. But now with them being the co-hosts, the results of the next FIBA window in November and February will not matter anymore.

Photo: FIBA