Photo: AP

Chris Paul has finally spoken.

The Phoenix Suns star posted his own sentiments on Wednesday via Twitter, as he is “horrified” and “disappointed” on the narratives that was hurled against Robert Sarver.

He believes that the NBA has came up short on providing the justifiable punishments on what Sarver has inflicted with his “atrocious behavior.”

As the former president of National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Paul yields a strong voice and power in the association. With this declaration of him, it can truly make a huge swing on the ongoing public uproar against Sarver’s punishments.

Other than himself, his good friend and fellow league personality LeBron James posted earlier his criticism against the NBA, as he believes that the league “got this wrong” on the Sarver debacle.

Following months of investigation on the alleged misogyny, sexism and racism in the workplace, the league hammered Sarver a one-year suspension as the owner of both the Suns and Mercury franchise, a $10 million fine and attendance in training programs focused on respect and proper workplace conduct.

Amid outcry from the basketball world, the league has yet to announce if any major changes will occur on the sanctions against Sarver.