Image courtesy: Kiyoshi Mio

LeBron James isn’t pleased on how the NBA handled and placed its punishments against Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver.

The basketball superstar published a lengthy Twitter post on Wednesday, claiming that “our league got this wrong” and  “there is no place for misogyny, sexism, and racism in any work place.”

Sarver became notorious and was under fire after ESPN’s Baxter Holmes released an investigative report last November which tackles his toxic treatment and presence within the Phoenix franchise.

After nearly a year of in-depth investigation on these allegations of misogyny, sexism, racism and toxic conduct within workplace, Sarver was slapped by the NBA a one-year suspension from his ownership duties on the Suns and Mercury organizations, a $10 million fine and a mandatory compliance of training programs focused on respect and proper conduct.

Amid these penalties, an anonymous former Suns female employee rips the association on their decision against Sarver, noting that the severity of it was “barely a slap in the wrist.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver already declared that Sarver’s case was much different on what former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling had, but it appears that public outcry remains rampant.

It is interesting and yet to be seen on how the league will handle the situations moving forward.