Dimitris Itoudis CSKA Moscow
Photo: CSKA Moscow

After the game against Georgia, the Greek national team coach Dimitris Itoudis said that in his opinion, the rule must change and more players must be included in the national team rosters, via Eurohoops:

“It’s important for this rule to change. The national teams should be able to have 14 players available in the FIBA tournaments. We are leaving in an era of pandemics, the level of competition is more than high in most tournaments and there are also injuries and the fatigue factor. It’s not fair for a team to end up having 11 players because of an injury. And I can’t think of a reason not to have 14 available players. FIBA makes decisions based on the progress of the sport. Back in 2000 in the EuroLeague Final Four (ed.note: which at the time was a FIBA competition) we had 10-player rosters. We went to 12 players and now I think it’s time to get to 14. I really believe that there’s a strong argument for this evolution.”