Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Other than helping the Golden State Warriors for a championship repeat, Andrew Wiggins will approach the 2022-2023 season aiming on a one, specific goal. 

And that is to be named in the All-NBA Defensive Team Selections. 

“One thing I’m really gonna strive for this upcoming season is being on the [All-]Defensive Team,” Wiggins said on the Vince Carter show. “That’s a big goal of mine, and hopefully I opened some eyes in the playoffs and I can be on the radar. I ain’t get not one vote this year! I took it personal in the playoffs!”

Wiggins played an incredible role of being the Warriors’ All-star wingman in their recent title run. With that lengthy frame and solid body, he emerged as a solid offensive contributor while being able to guard from one to four positions on the other side. 

Given the defensive reputation he raised last season and the amount of desire to go for more, Wiggins is set to claim what he thinks he deserves as an emerging star.