Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Apparently, the New York Knicks and Rangers won’t be up for sale in the unforeseeable future after whispers have swirled that there’s a possibility that both franchises will be placed on the marketplace by James Dolan. 

“We have no plans to sell either of the teams,” MSG senior VP of communications and marketing Natalie Ravitz told The New York Post.

MSG long-time analyst Jonathan Boyar recently appeared on CNBC and claimed that there’s a chance that Dolan will finally sell the Knicks and Rangers after MSG Sports completes its “The Sphere” project in Las Vegas this 2023.

The Knicks have been in full control and operating under Dolan since 1999. His questionable management and the ongoing mediocrity of the franchise despite being a big market team has gained widespread coverage and criticism amongst the fans and sports media.