Klay Thompson
AP Photo/John Hefti

Klay Thompson pledged loyalty to his head coach Steve Kerr after winning his fourth NBA championship in eight years. The 32-year-old shooting guard said he will ‘pull up Michael Jordan’ who made a similar statement about Phil Jackson.

Kerr, for whom it was his 9th championship, accepted the compliment, saying that the feeling is mutual and that does not want to coach a different team either.

Via Alex Espinoza of Audacy:

“It is the ultimate compliment,” Kerr said of Klay’s statement. “The feeling is mutual. I don’t wanna coach a different team, either. We have such a good thing going here. We have such strong bonds built over the last eight years for me, built over the past 10, 12 years for Steph (Curry), Klay, Draymond. We’ve got something special. It’s great to be a part of and we want to keep it going.”