Steph Curry went down with an ankle injury late in Game 3 of the NBA Finals as Al Horford fell on his left leg. The three-time NBA champion said after the game that he will able to play in Game 4.

Speaking to the media again, he provided more details about the injury, saying that he already went through a similar experience during the regular season which made it easier for him to understand what to expect this time.

“Because I went through what I went through the end of regular season and coming back I know exactly what it is, what I got to deal with and soreness/pain level and all that,” Curry said.

“So, once I got checked out last night, I knew I wouldn’t have to go get any extra tests just because we’ve been through this before and there’s a good understanding of what it is. Same foot and all that.

“I guess comfort knowing I’ve been through it before but also you’d rather not have to deal with something like that at this point in the season.”