The Warriors are now a single win away from winning a championship after defeating the Celtics in Game 5 in San Francisco (104-94). Golden State won the game despite Steph Curry’s poor shooting from long range.

The three-time NBA champion missed all 9 of his three-pointers. He still finished the game with 16 points. According to Draymond Green, the fact that Curry struggled with his shot is good for the Dubs because it means he will be fired up in Game 6.

“If he’s got it going, we’re going to be happy Steph Curry. That’s just what it is,” the Warriors forward said. “So, the whole notion of ‘This guy doesn’t have help,’ well he got 43.

“He gonna keep shooting and we’re keep doing all that we can to get him shooting. So, it was huge and that’s good for us. He was 0/9 from three. He’s going to be livid going into Game 6 and that’s exactly what we need.”