Victor Oladipo-Jimmy Butler
Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ahead of Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Miami Heat guard, Victor Oladipo, joins The Pivot to talk about his storied comeback from injury and the journey that landed him on the Heat. From #2 Draft Pick to five different teams to an injury that most thought he may never play again … Oladipo beat the odds to work his way back into the lineup in time for Miami to be heating up in the playoffs. 

Victor explains the pain and frustrations behind his quad injury and the recovery process mentally and physically sharing the struggles but accepting the challenge to be better every day. Fred shares his own challenges on rebounding from injuries and the emotions that come with it while Ryan discusses some specifics about the illness when he was on the Steelers to recovering and playing a year later in the Super Bowl. 

The guys ask about the locker room and who the leaders are while wondering what playing with Jimmy Butler is like and the mindset the Heat have heading into the finals. Oladipo explains what makes the team so special is that they don’t care about the opinions of others and embrace being the underdog.

When everyone counts us out, we just focus on winning and the leadership of Butler is the glue to the team right now. Ryan talks through the match-up against the Celtics and the similarities the teams share but Oladipo recognizes it’s going to be a fight but that his team is prepared for the fight.

Channing asks about the rumors of Vic turning down 45 million from Houston and Vic sets the record straight about those comments and then goes on to say how he is thankful for all the obstacles because they have landed him where he belongs now. 

Closing out the show, Channing mentions to Oladipo how his wife is a big fan of Oladipo’s music and asks if singing is his way of picking up girls: