Photo: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks let Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams get off 22 total shots (27 points on 10-22 FG, 7-18 3-PT) in Game 7 on Sunday.

Williams said after the win that his coaches and teammates encouraged him to let it fly heading into the game, especially if Brook Lopez was guarding him.

(Via Jump View):

“I would say that it was more so I was too focused on the defensive side and I wasn’t shooting it. It wasn’t even I feel like I was struggling with the shot. It was just I think I shot three times, two times last game, one time the game before, something like that, because I was shot faking a lot. So, that’s why the coaching staff and the team just encouraged me to shoot it. Like, ‘You’re open, take advantage of that. If they put Brook on you, take advantage of it.’ And that’s what I tried to do tonight and had success with it. It was a great challenge to guard a guy like Giannis and it’s a tremendous effort for not only myself, but for my team. It was just an exciting time to be able to say that tonight was the night we had success.”