The Mavericks closed the series against the Suns with two huge wins. Dallas won Game 7 by 33 points (123-90) as they left no chance for Phoenix. Many people expected the Suns, the best regular season team, to take this game which took place on their home court.

After the game Mavs head coach Jason Kidd was asked about his quote when he said that there is no ceiling on his team. He replied by saying that there some special people in the locker room that believe in team and that it can take them far in the NBA.

“Well, we believe and it showed today,” Kidd said postgame. “We got to go through this journey. I hate when we label or cap something. We don’t know how far this can go. That’s why we play them. That’s why we showed up this evening.

“No one gave us a chance. A lot of people said this would be a blowout. Well, they were right. But they didn’t have us on the winning side. This is a good win.

“We’re going to understand we are a young team. First year coaching staff. We’re getting to know each other. But we have some special people in that locker room that believe in team. A lot of times in this league, if you are team, you find yourself winning games that you are not supposed to.”