Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter

In his season-closing press conference Russell Westbrook talked about how he supposedly was not given a fair chance with the Lakers due to false articles about him that he had to constantly fight against.

The former NBA MVP also cast shadow on Lakers head coach Frank Vogel who, according to Russ, had issues with him. Sports analyst Shannon Sharpe thinks that the 33-year-old point guard showed that by making such comments Westbrook showed that he has no personal responsibility.

“Westbrook has no personal accountability. It’s somebody else’s fault,” Sharpe said on UNDISPUTED. “Who’s airballing those shots? You, Vogel, the media or fans? Accept some accountability for your horrible play! The fact you don’t want to accept any responsibility is leaving me baffled.”

It is yet to be determined if Westbrook will return to Los Angeles next season. He has a player option in his contract which he is expected to exercise. However, it is speculated that the Lakers will look for ways to move him either via a trade or by stretching his contract.