Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

With eight regular season games left to play the Lakers find themselves in 10th place in the Western Conference, barely hanging on the last play-in spot.

Los Angeles is just a single game above the eleventh-placed Spurs and could easily drop out of the play-in zone ending any hopes of making the postseason.

Malik Monk, who was the second top scorer for the Lakers in the loss against the Pelicans with 23 points, remains confident in what his team can do during the remaining regular season games.

“I’m never down on myself or the team because all it takes 2-3 games to turn it around,” Monk said. “We’ve been playing great on the offense end besides tonight last couple of games.

“I’m never not confident in what we can do, especially when we got Bron on our team. We just got to stay together and not have a fourth quarter like we did, we can’t score 14 points and think we’re going to be a good team.”