LeBron James had his second 50-point this season, both of them happened in the last three games. This time he led the Lakers past the Wizards (122-109) helping the purple and gold stay in the play-in zone.

“I just feel really good,” the four-time NBA champion said after the game. “I just continue to put in the work every day. I mean even the off days I’m always thinking about the game.

“Obviously I’m watching the game, you guys seen me tweet yesterday I was watching the Nets – Sixers games, so many games. Just keeping the main thing the main thing and that’s the season and every game and every opponent.

“Getting away from the game a little bit but not fully. Just always trying to stay present. When game day is here, I’m here five hours before the game and prepping.

“Prepping on myself individually, prepping on what I need to do to help this team team be victorious, prepping on everything I can possibly do in my power to try to help this team be as great as we can be that night. That’s what’s going into it.”