Photo: Spectrum SportsNet/Twitter

The Lakers suffered an embarrassing loss against the Pelicans which made the team’s legend James Worthy wonder what is going on with this team.

According to him, the issue is mental and it seems that the players are either unable or unwilling to solve it. Worthy pointed at the situation that the Lakers are in at this point of the season and the mentality needed to overcome it.

“When I look [this game], I don’t look at plus/minus too much but when I look at it, it kind of tells you the mentality of this team and kind of where they are mentally and they can’t shake, it’s like a virus or something,” Worthy said on Spectrum SportsNet.

“I look at the Pelicans, they’re all plus twenty-something and the Lakers I look at their plus/minus, they’re all in the negative, even Reaves who never is in the negative. It just goes on to show you there’s something going on in this team that they cannot shake or they are not willing to shake it.

“Right now they’re embarrassed, they’re not where they’re supposed to be, they see a steady climb they got to make, they got to really do the impossible right now. And I just don’t see the mentality to fight for it. Hopefully, they do have it, but I don’t see it.”