Photo: Getty Images

As the NBA is experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak within the joining clubs, commissioner Adam Silver finally took the podium. The league has no plans to postpone the season, yet.

In an interview with the NBA Today on ESPN this Tuesday, Silver detailed their decision and ongoing plans for the 2021-2022 campaign.

“No plans right now to pause the season,” Silver said. “We looked at the options and, quite frankly, we’re struggling to come up with the logic to pause.”

“With the way the virus is being transmitted around the world, it’s become obvious we’re going to have to learn to live with it.”

Silver also noted on Malika Andrews that 97 percent of players are already vaccinated, whereas 65 percent of them have gained booster shots. 

“Of our players who have been through three shots [two shots and boosted] the data is telling us that very few players are getting breakthrough cases. We’re at 97% vaccinated, but only 65% of our players are boosted. We’re in discussions to get that number higher.”

The commissioner also stated that while there are no plans yet to reduce fan capacity within the arenas, local mandates will still be implemented for safety purposes.

Recently, the NBA announced to teams suiting up on Christmas Day that the league is preparing contingencies in case a suspension is needed.