LeBron James
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

Even though it is the 19th time for LeBron James that he is entering a new NBA season, he is still eager to get on the court and compete. The four-time NBA champion wants to get on the court with his new teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers and compete for another ring.

“I’m super excited,” James said during the Lakers media day. “I’ve been up since like 5.30 this morning. I was excited driving here this morning, getting ready for another season, getting ready to see my teammates, to be honest to see you [media] guys. I missed you and your great and sometimes not so great questions. Your questions are always great. I’m excited for what’s in store for us this year. Every day is a process. Every day it’s all about a journey and just putting in work.”

LeBron, who will turn 37 in December, also addressed the talk about the new-look Lakers being an old team. “And then the narrative about the age I kind of laugh at it,” he said. “I actually do laugh it, I’m not just saying that. Some of the memes, some of the jokes have been extremely funny. There’s some of them people wanting to read tabloids and things of that nature. The game is won in between those four lines. It’s not won on a bottom ticker, it’s not won in a newspaper, it’s now on sports talk shows and things of that nature.

“If we come out and put the time in, we put the work in, we make all narrative. One thing that we know, we got a bunch of guys that’s been in this league for a quite a while that understands and knows what it takes to win. That’s the business that we’re in of winning. And doing it all the time, not just on occasion. So I look forward to that.”