Russell Westbrook
Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/YouTube

The Los Angeles Lakers splashed the NBA’s offseason market by adding superstar point guard Russell Westbrook. Together with Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the former league MVP formed the Big Three.

During the Lakers media day, Davis was asked to share his thoughts about the new teammate. “His energy, his pace,” AD said about Westbrook. “You watch how he gets down the floor and it was kind of the same thing when we had Doe [Rajon Rondo] a couple of years ago. We get the ball we pushing.

“And the same thing with Russ. You have to run because he’s running. We don’t wanna him to be the only one that’s running the floor and pushing the ball. For me, I’m very excited to just run the floor with him elite passer as we all know, elite lob passer, catching a couple of lobs with him.

“I think his energy, his motor that he always plays with and he brings in every game is something that’s gonna propel all of us to play like that for AD too. Because there’s not one game where doesn’t have that energy or that motor. And we can feed off of that. If we know a guy’s gonna bring it every night.. just to be honest with you every night guys are gonna.. it’ll start get to you game 60, game you’re like ‘Alright I need a day.’ But when you have a guy like that’s bringing that energy and that motor, it gets you going.”