Bugs Bunny’s “What’s up, doc?”  and The Looney Toons are back!

The long-awaited follow-up to the smash hit Space Jam, Space Jam: A New Legacy has LeBron James take up the role Michael Jordan embodied over 20 years ago. 

Although dubbed a “standalone sequel,” this film is most definitely a remake of a sports classic. One major difference this time around is that LeBron isn’t sucked into the mysterious Toon World alone; his son Dom accompanies him.

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Different Movies, Same Story

In true remake fashion, the film has an extremely similar plot to the first one and the differences between the films are few and far between.

Both films have a real-life NBA superstar as the main character who gets sucked into a portal of some kind, realizes the Looney Tunes characters are real and that there is a threat against them. 

The Toons are trained to go up against the villains in a basketball match that comes down to the wire; unsurprisingly, the Toon Squad (as they are referred to in both movies) wins in the last moments of the game.

Changes: What Works and What Doesn’t

Most of the major differences between the films come from casting choices. The most obvious one is the casting and the story behind the Goon Squad, the perceived antagonists of the movie. 

The “Monstars” from the first movie had a much more compelling narrative, with NBA stars like Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing being forced to go up against the Toon Squad. However, the Goon Squad just comprises modern-day NBA players with special abilities.

One major positive from Space Jam: A New Legacy is LeBron James’ acting. It’s no secret that Michael Jordans’ role in Space Jam felt quite impersonal and detached. 

LeBron however, despite not being a fantastic actor, delivers a much more meaningful and relatable performance, adding to the charm of this cult classic.

While being a modern, albeit similar take on a 25-year older story, Space Jam: A New Legacy is an enjoyable, family-friendly movie with a modern take that will still fill you with nostalgia from your childhood.