LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James shared some tidbits from the storyline of the upcoming movie Space Jam: New Legacy in which he is acting.

According to James, the movie will not be a sequel to the first movie Space Jam in which Michael Jordan starred. As expected, the movie will include a basketball game. But, the story will be about LeBron and his son.

“It’s not a sequel. It’s called “Space Jam: New Legacy.” It’s not Space Jam 2. There will be a basketball game. I’ll say that. There will be some people that are a little bit out of this world that we’re competing against,” James told Allie Clifton, Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye on the Road Trippin’ podcast.

“It’s more of a family movie. It’s a parenting movie between me and my son. Me trying to demand my son to do something because I was taught that way growing up. Demand my son to play basketball. ‘This is all you’re gonna do. This is how you do it.’ And me as a parent not listening to my son and not believing in what my son is actually great at,” he continued.

“So it’s a tackling between me being a parent, supporting my son and my son basically turning off at some point. And me trying to regain that trust throughout the movie. Along with the great Bugs Bunny and Lola and Taz and Tweety and all of them.”