Paul Pierce, LeBron James
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The rivalry between LeBron James and Paul Pierce goes a long way. The two stars used to clash in the playoffs for several years in a row while James was with the Cleveland Cavaliers an Pierce represented the Boston Celtics.

After LeBron moved to the Miami Heat, his new team dominated the Eastern Conference for four years, winning two championships during that period. That was when the Lakers star got the upper hand in the rivalry.

Since retiring from basketball Pierce became an analyst for ESPN. His contract was terminated after ‘The Truth’ published a controversial Instagram video. Recently Pierce spoke about his time on the network, saying that it was not a good match as he had to talk about James all the time.

Sports analyst Skip Bayless shared his thoughts on Pierce’s recent comments. “I have long been a Paul Pierce fan for one reason and one reason only. Because ‘The Truth’ as Paul was called never believed LeBron James was the truth,” he said on UNDISPUTED.

“He never highly respected him the way most of his rivals do. In fact, he was the one and only rival who never bought completely into LeBron, never sold out to LeBron, never became friends or even friendly with LeBron.

“And never became business partners with LeBron the way Draymond did after Draymond called LeBron the B-word during the finals game, got suspended over it. And the next thing I know the offseason comes and he’s become a business partner of LeBron James. And I’m like ‘Okay, game over. you gave it up, that’s fine.’ LeBron is highly likeable. I think he’s a nice guy. I don’t know Paul Pierce but I just know that he loved playing against LeBron and he ultimately despised even having to talk about LeBron as he retired.”