After a year apart, Rajon Rondo and the Los Angeles Lakers reunited following the guard clearing waivers with the Memphis Grizzlies. The 35-year-old guard has already made history in LA as he helped the team win the championship in 2020.

When asked what made him choose to go to the Lakers out of all options available, Rondo mentioned four people. “[Having relationship with players and coaches] played a huge role,” Rondo said. “Obviously, everybody wants to be wanted. But then having coach Frank, I talked to him early this morning as far as his expectations for me and understanding that he missed my voice in the locker room which meant a lot and understand that I do have value here and wanted to be wanted.

“So Frank was a big key. Obviously, talk to ‘Bron, AD, we keep in touch all the time. Rob [Pelinka]’s been true to me from day one. Even the first time I signed with the Lakers. So having those old relationships and not burning bridges in the past and having great things come together.”