LeBron James Carmelo Anthony
Photo: Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony opened up about how his friendship with fellow NBA superstar LeBron James started almost two decades ago.

Anthony said his friendship with James started back in 2002, when their high school teams were about to play each other. James played for St. Vincent-St. Mary at the time, whereas Anthony for Oak Hills Academy.

“When I get to Oak, LeBron happened to beat Oak the previous year. I’m like, I gotta play against him, it’s in the schedule. We gotta make it happen.

We get the jersey, we get to the prime-time shootout and we come in the hotel, and he was like you Melo? Yeah! It was All-Star weekend in Philly, too. And we sat on the steps for hours the night before that game. I don’t know nothing about you doug, you don’t know nothing about me.

We clicked from that moment, we just felt like we’re from similar backgrounds, single-parent home, broken family, growing up in the hood. So we connected for that, before basketball.

I was looking for some type of relationship like that with somebody, he was looking for that as well, so we came in each other’s life at the right time. We were both looking for that brotherhood,” Anthony said during his appearance on All The Smoke podcast.

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will be teammates in the Los Angeles Lakers this season.