Shaquille O'Neal
Photo: Los Angeles Times

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who won three championships as a Laker, was critical of his former team after it lost by 30 points agains the Phoenix Suns in Game 5.

“As a former Laker I have G14 classification to say what I’m about to say,” he said on TNT. “They played soft, they played with no heart, played with no pride and they played with no sense of urgency.

“LeBron had 24 points, one starter had 7, one had 4 and then you got two starters that had 0. When one guys goes down, next man got to step up. Every team has that guy and Draymond and Chuck that ‘I wish I had more shots, I wish had more opportunities.’ You got to step up.

“Not only that. They’re giving that money away now. This is your chance to make a name for yourself. We’ve been waiting for Kyle Kuzma to be that guy. I need a 30-piece from Kyle Kuzma. AD’s out, somebody got to step up.”