Anthony Davis Lakers
Photo: Twitter/NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis was able to bounce back from a disappointing performance in Game 1 against the Phoenix Suns. The 28-year-old forward had just 13 points in the first game of the series as his team lost.

Davis came out big in Game 2 as he led the defending champions in scoring with 34 points, helping the Lakers tie the series. He also had 10 rebounds and 7 assists.

After the game, AD was asked about his preparation for Game 2 which resulted in his performance. “Really stayed in my room the whole time,” he said. “Got a little patio so I was on the patio just listening to the music and just getting locked in for Game 2 knowing that I couldn’t have that type of performance again.

“Bron was around me a lot so he already knew. Didn’t even talk to him that much. He knows when I do that it’s going to be a good night for me and for our team.

“Just trying to stay locked in and knowing it’s going to be a challenge to repeat, it’s going to be a challenge to beat this team. In order for our team to do that, I’m going to have to play how I played tonight or better. I can’t play how I played in Game 1.

“Just wanted to lock in the film of how I played in Game 1, the flim on how [DeAndre] Ayton and Jae [Crowder] guards me and try to find ways to be effective on the floor and help the team get the win.”