LeBron James Kawhi Leonard
Photo: CBS Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers lost their last two regular season games against two of the worst NBA teams in the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder and have finished fourth in the Western Conference, likely avoiding the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

According to a former NBA champion Antoine Walker, that was a smart strategy by the Clippers. He also remembered his time with the Miami Heat when his team was trying to avoid the Chicago Bulls.

“I would love for the Clippers and Lakers to match up, but I like this strategy by the Clippers. I’d rather play the Mavs than the Lakers. In Miami, we tried to avoid the Bulls. I understand this strategy,” Walker said on First Things First.

Lakers veteran Jared Dudley said after the last game of the regular season that it was “funny” to see a lot of teams “manage” the last couple of games to avoid the defending NBA champions.

He also said if he was on the other side he’d prefer to face the Lakers earlier rather than later as they will only get better as the playoffs progress.