Spencer Dinwiddie
Photo: SKINS

NBA basketball star, Spencer Dinwiddie, suffered a partial tear of his right knee ACL in game 3 of the Brooklyn Nets season. Spencer had surgery to repair the tear and is currently working to rehabilitate his knee for a strong return to the NBA. SKINS are proud to be providing active and recovery compression sportswear and protocols to assist in Spencer’s strength training and recovery.

SKINS COO Benjamin Fitzmaurice said: “We make athletes of all levels perform better by knowing what pressure to apply and where to apply it on the body to naturally enhance blood circulation, limit the damage during training from muscle vibration and recover faster. We have set up training and recovery protocols for Spencer. The active compression wraps the muscles during strength and cardio sessions, providing necessary structural support and dampening damaging muscle vibrations.

In recovery, we are concentrating on the muscular groups of the calf, quad and glutes. We want to ensure that we are accelerating the recovery process by flushing out unnecessary waste products from the muscles, speeding up the delivery of blood for healing any fine tears, and putting Spencer in the best position possible for his return to competition. The recovery compression is also applicable to travel to ensure the efficient protection of the body when passive and sitting.”

NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie said: “Following my ACL surgery, I have to build back strength in my training and recover as quickly as I can. SKINS are helping me maximize my recovery between sessions and be the best in training. Thanks to SKINS Compression, I’m gaining strength and power in training.”