Anthony Davis LeBron James
Photo: Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

Los Angeles Lakers are missing LeBron James and Anthony Davis for several weeks now, as they are trying to stay afloat in the tough West.

Matt Barnes believes that James and Davis injuries could be a blessing in disguise for the Lakers coming playoff time. The former NBA player thinks James and Davis will be ready in time for the postseason.


“They stayed above water and that’s what you want. Obviously missing two stars, the best duo in the game… But what I really like is that this is going to help come playoff time. These guys are all going to be in rhythm. It’s not going to take LeBron to get back in rhythm. We’re going to see how long it takes AD to get back in rhythm,” Barnes said on ESPN’s The Jump.

The former Clippers’ and Lakers’ forward still thinks Frank Vogel’s team is the favorite to win the title again, if they’re healthy, no matter ‘how far they will slide down’.

“But they’re going to need a third guy. Whether it’s Kuzma, Schroder, it can be Harrell sometimes. To me, their most important aspect is being healthy. No matter how far they slide down if they’re healthy, they’re going to remain the favorites in the West,” he concluded.