Russell Westbrook
Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Isiah Thomas was a huge winning asset during his playing days being the leader of a championship team in Detroit. The NBA legend chipped in the debate about Russell Westbrook’s lack of NBA titles.

Russell Westbrook was at the center of media attention in recent memory after Stephen A. Smith criticized him for not having a championship.

The Wizards’ responded that he’s already a champion because he grew up in the streets. Thomas joined ESPN’s First Take and talk on the matter.


“So the numbers we see him putting up every night, while they are impressive and historical, we ask can you get to the next level in terms of being a champion in this arena… It is a very difficult task.

Now, what some superstars have done, is they demanded more from their coaches, from their general managers, from their teams, to make sure they have the right support system.

If Russell Westbrook is guilty of anything, it’s not being demanding of his coaching staff of the organization he’s playing for to say “Hey, I want more.” As an MVP caliber talent, you should be demanding MVP talented coaching,” Thomas said.

The Wizards’ superstar guard has been producing elite numbers through his career being an one-time MVP award recipient.

Throughout the history of the NBA, several great players did not have a championship in their career achievements despite their incredible play.