Draymond Green
Photo: thesportsrush.com

Baron Davis was one of the most successful offensive players of the 2000s era being one of the most loved and fun-to-watch guards during this time.

Davis chimed in the conversation of Draymond Green claiming he’s the best defender in the history of the NBA. While the former Warriors guard explained why Green made this statement, he revealed that the former Defensive player of the year could not guard him.

(via NBC Sports Bay Area):

“…not supposed to say nothing else while he is playing, that he is second to anybody. He just got to keep proving people wrong, and keep doing what he’s doing, and his legacy is definitely there,” Davis said during his appearance on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast.

“But he can’t guard me. Not even right now bro,” the former UCLA product proclaimed. “He couldn’t stop me in the summer league at UCLA two years ago, he got mad at me. I was locking him up, I was saying I was the ‘Baby Draymond’. He kept calling fouls, but he can’t score on me,” Davis continued.

Comparing players in different eras is a tough task to ask especially in eras that basketball was pretty different from today’s game. Davis understands how Green should believe that he is the best, however he does not agree with the ‘all-time’ part that the Warriors’ star said.

Regardless, the veteran forward and former Defensive Player of the Yeat is a game changer for the Warriors, especially on the defensive end.