LeBron James
Photo: CBS Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are on the longest losing streak this season which stretches to four games. The last time the reigning NBA champions went through such period was back in December of 2019. According to LeBron James, it is a challenging time, especially for the young Lakers players that have to do more than what they are used to with Anthony Davis out.

“It’s challenging for all of us, especially for some of our young guys,” LeBron said. “Some of our guys that haven’t been in this position before when they need to do a little bit more than what they’re axed in a normal situation.

“Everyone’s just speaking about AD and obviously that’s a big hit but we also haven’t had Dennis as long as stretch for a few games too. He’s a big piece of our puzzle as well. Everyone has been put in positions that they wouldn’t be put in under normal circumstances.

It’s always about staying confident, continuing to give my teammates the courage and the confidence out there on the floor and to make plays. It’s a tough stretch for us. But this won’t define who will be for the rest of the season and then for the long haul, that’s for sure.”