The Houston Rockets received a huge number of assets in the James Harden deal with the draft compensation being the most important part of the deal.

The Nets had to give up three round picks and four swaps along with Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert to complete the trade and add Harden to their star-studded roster.

In Jonathan Feigen’s recent report, the Rockets had several suitors and a huge number of options in front of them. However, the second most enticing offer was that of the Philadelphia 76ers, who were led by former Rockets’ executive Daryl Morey.

On the weekend before the trade, Stone and Morey, who remain close after years as friends and morning commute companions, agreed to skip to the end of the negotiations, with Morey wanting to know what it would take to complete a deal.

Stone wanted another draft pick or another player, likely Tyrese Maxey, along with agreement on far less protection for the picks in the deal. The 76ers never got there. Morey has since told confidants that he thought the Rockets made a great deal. There were late calls from other teams, but none gained traction.

In contrast to Philadelphia proposal, the first-round draft picks and pick-swap rights acquired from Brooklyn are all unprotected.