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Daily Gossip, Wednesday 29/10/14

With the NBA and Euroleague seasons returning, our lives as well as our sleeping patterns are once again ruined. We don’t mind … we call it “normality”. 


The newly acquired Washington Wizards forward is still as much of a competitor as the next NBA player. 

And Pierce has no love for the other players in the league. None. 

Via WaPo (ESPN Radio): 

“The East I don’t think is as strong as the West, obviously,” Pierce said. “But I felt like joining Washington, I think we’ll be one of the top three or four teams in the Eastern Conference and we won’t have to have dogfights every night like you have in the Western Conference.”  

“This is a different era,” Pierce said. “Guys are playing a lot more together in the summer. You see more friendships in the league. It’s not like in the 80s when you had enemies, or you couldn’t stand this guy, and there were fights all the time. These guys, they all get along. It’s a new generation. They all want to play with each other, they all want to win. They’re in USA Basketball all summer, they play in the summer leagues all summer, so they get to know one another and they try to join one another and try to win a championship. It’s a new era that we’re seeing and this is the way it’s going to be, guys, we’ve just gotta accept it.” 

“Now Paul, you’re a little more from the old era even though you’re in the new era,” co-host Cris Carter interjected. “…You bring some fire to LeBron and them. I’ve seen you say some things to LeBron.” […] “I still can’t stand none of these guys,” Pierce said. “I want to beat all of them.”


The good thing for Julius Randle is that he has a big career ahead of him. We just pray that the Los Angeles Lakers rookie isn’t another Greg Oden. 

After breaking his tibia on his right leg in the Lakers opening day loss to the Houston Rockets, the rookie is now confirmed to miss the rest of the season. 

“Julius Randle underwent surgery this morning and is expected to make a full recovery from his broken leg. He won’t return this season,” LA Times reporter Mike Bresnahan tweeted. 

Via LA Times: 

With veteran guard Steve Nash already out for the season because of chronic back problems, the Lakers could file another disabled-player exception with the NBA that would give them an additional $1.5 million in spending power. They would receive about $4.9 million to spend on a free agent or a player via trade if they were granted a disabled-player exception for Nash. 

If the Lakers experience one more extended injury in addition to Nash, Randle and Nick Young, they could ask the NBA to extend their roster to 16 players via the rarely used “hardship” rule. […] When Young returns from a torn thumb ligament, the Lakers would have to go back to 15 players. He is expected to return near the end of November. 

The Lakers are screwed, quite honestly.


Estudiantes have re-signed Slovenian veteran Uros Slokar as a replacement for the injured Stefan Bircevic. 

The 31-year-old has previously had spells with the Toronto Raptors as well as stints in Italy, Germany and Spain. 

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